I am currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Communication at Nanjing University (advised by Dr. Cheng-Jun Wang). I am also an active member of the Computational Communication Collaboratory.

My primary research interests lie in Computational Communication, specifically focusing on Computational Narratives and their Social Impacts. Methodologically, I can analyze human behaviors using large-scale digital footprint data. I excel in Python and take good command of R programming language, basically on text mining, statistical analysis, natural language processing, machine learning and causal inference. My research has been published in the Chinese Journal of Communication, a peer-reviewed journal indexed in the SSCI. Four external and internal grants have funded my research.

My current research primarily revolves around my master’s thesis. This thesis seeks to examine dissenting voting behavior by analyzing tweets from Congressmen alongside congressional roll call voting data from 2017 to 2023. Additionally, I have taken the lead on several side projects. One paper delves into the social interactions between individuals and ChatGPT, while another explores the dynamics of authoritarian personality during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both of these papers have been completed and are now poised to undergo the peer review process.

Beyond my academic and research interests, I am also proficient in image processing and video editing, with a strong sense of aesthetics. Furthermore, I hold a Piano Level 8 Certificate, reflecting my dedication to both creative and artistic endeavors.